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10 Easy Tips For Bedded Bliss

TTE1Photo Courtesy of The Tailored Nest

Many moons ago when down comforters became popular, I became a big fan right off the bat. One of the first things I discovered is how easy it is to make the bed. Just fluff and smooth and you’re done.

Secondly, I learned how simple and inexpensive it could be to dramatically change the look of the room by changing the bedding.  I change mine out with the seasons and sometimes for no reason other than I’m bored with what I’ve been using! You can use varying combinations of duvet covers, throws, shams, beautiful blankets and more.  Take a look at the bedding tips and tricks below to help inspire you to make your bed (and your room) beautiful every day.

TTE2Photo Courtesy of The Tailored Nest

1. Simplify the bedding: Skip the top sheet and use a down comforter with a duvet cover. Give the comforter & the pillows a quick shake and a smooth every morning.

2. Use a spritz of a nice linen spray: It’s a treat to slip into a fresh smelling bed.

3. Freshen your pillows: Once a week fluff them in the dryer on a low or no heat setting.

4. Even if you share a bed, make your side: I bet your significant other will soon follow suit.

5. No dual duty pillows: Make sure your decorative pillow shams have inserts that are made-to-fit the sham, then leave them there. Try not to use the same pillow to sleep on at night, then hurriedly try to stuff it into the sham when making the bed in the morning.

6. Time yourself making the bed: I bet it takes under 3 minutes.  A blink in time even on a rushed morning.

7. Backtrack to your bedroom: After you’ve made the bed, go back to your room and take a check of your mood.  The sight of your room will give you a little spring in your step.

8. Treat yourself to great linens and have them professionally pressed once in a while: There’s something about crisp, freshly ironed sheets that makes the bed feel a bit more luxurious.

9. Consider this longstanding French tradition: To ensure the longevity of your bedding rotate your sheets, with a set in the closet, a set on the bed, and a set in the wash.  This ensures that no one set receives more wear than another.

10. Add fresh flowers: Like fresh linens, fresh flowers make a room feel a little more lively, inviting and decorated.

Are you ready to upgrade your bedding? Contact your us today for to select beautiful bedding, window treatments and furniture for your home.  We can be contacted at http://www.kreativeways.com, 1-888-280-8318 or interiors@kreativeways.com!

How To Choose The Right Fabric

With such an enormous selection of fabric available, how do you know which to choose?  To make sure that your design project is successful, it is essential to know which type works best for your specific function.


This natural fiber is a popular choice for home décor projects.  Cotton comes in many finishes to coordinate with most room styles.  It works well for window treatments, as it hangs nicely and usually keeps its shape.  Prolonged exposure to sun can cause yellowing, so use a lining for protection.

Cotton is also a good choice for slipcovers and smaller accessories because it launders well.


Silk has a beautiful, luxurious sheen, and is available in a wide variety of textures and rich colors.  It is a fragile fabric, so it is usually avoided on upholstered furniture.  It is very susceptible to staining from moisture because it absorbs all the impurities and causes spots.

Silk is best used on pillows and draperies.  Sun and heat does cause silk to fade quickly, so use lining and interlining to protect window treatments.


This manufactured fiber is a good choice for many home décor projects.  It is often woven to resemble natural fibers, like silk or leather.  Polyester needs less ironing than natural fabrics, and it resists sun nicely, so it is a perfect choice for window treatments.  Because it is resistant to wrinkles, it also works well for upholstery and cushions.

Many fabrics come as a blend of polyester and another fiber, which gives you the best of both materials.


Leather adds a rich touch to a room, but it does require work to keep it looking good.   It is often used for upholstery.  Leather fades quickly from the sun, so don’t keep it close to big windows.


This synthetic fabric is very strong.  It is usually blended with other fibers, and adds a silky shine.  It’s strength and resiliency makes nylon and nylon blends good choices for upholstery.  But because it is very heat-sensitive, it is not recommended for draperies.


Choosing the right fabric and following the proper cleaning and care guidelines will enable you to enjoy your furnishings for years to come.

Town House Model Makeover

Recently we completed a townhouse model home in Washington, DC.  Check out the before photos and then the after.  We added color to the walls and custom window treatments.  Special thanks to our partners at Authentic Contemporary Art for assisting us on the artwork.


Children's room before.

Living and Dining area before

Living Room before


The Zen living room space. Photo by Omar Rafik

Master Bedroom- custom window cornices, splash of color on the wall and of course-artwork! Photo by Omar Rafik

Our favorite- the baseball theme room.

Bathrooms always look great with just the right accessories. Photo by Omar Rafik

Dining Room- wall color and artwork make the space. Photo by Omar Rafik

How A Dressing Room Gets Dressed!

Critique Boutique at the beautiful National Harbor in Prince George’s County, Maryland asked us to come up with a glamorous redesign of their existing dressing rooms.   Critique Boutique is a high end woman’s fashion store catering to a distinctive clientele.  The clothes are all designer made and unique.

The owner, Toni Foster, felt that the dressing rooms should be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to her high end clientele.  In addition she wanted the dressing rooms to have a face-lift to reflect the high end fashion aesthetic of the rest of her store.


Before: The Critique Boutique needed a dressing room make over to create a high end pleasing dressing experience.


After: Critique Boutique Dressing Room Make Over

We took cues from the surrounding color palette of the store which was predominantly yellow and green.  The fabric selected reflected rhythm and pattern.


Before: This bench in one of the dressing rooms needed to be dressed!

After: A well dressed bench in this dressing room takes the fitting experience to another level.

We took the benches in the dressing room, placed cushions and upholstered them with a skirt.  To save money and time we created the draperies to be rod pockets, lined them and then used her existing rods to create them.

The result is fantastic.  Toni gets compliments every time her customers use her fitting rooms!  Stay tuned for our wine and design event at Critique Boutique on May 15th.

Hello world!

Welcome to our new blog!  Come here often as we share tips and information about wholistic design, feng shui and sustainable lifestyles.  Press releases about our firm will be found here as well.  Peace!

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