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Mitchell & Gold Anniversary Party, Washington, DC



I attended the Mitchell and Gold Washington, DC Anniversary Party last week.  A host of designers and Mitchell & Gold feasted on heavy horderves and speciality drinks as the crowd walked around the latest furnishings the store had to offer.  It was great meeting old and new friends at the affair and found new ideas for designing spaces for current clients.  Mitchell + Gold really knows how to throw a party!

A Model Home Project- Personalized Contemporary Interior in DC

We are working diligently on a model home project in DC.  This contemporary feel of a space will welcome potential homeowners looking for a town house in the District of Columbia.  Our goal is to create a space that is family friendly, contemporary and entices buyers to purchase of course.  We have gone through the preliminary design, space planning, color and furniture selection.  In addition, we are working with our favorite workroom to create customized yet simple window treatments to enhance the space.  Our opening is a few weeks away and we thought we would share where we are in the process.

Kitchen as we saw it for the first time.



Decided it needed color.


Living Room area chatting with some of our favorite contractors.





Painted accent wall in the basement where sales team will reside.


Freshly painted children's room.


In addition to the furnishings, we are working with Authentic Contemporary Art  to decorate the spaces with artwork by local artists in the Washington, DC area.  This arrangement has given us an opportunity to create a more personalized space.

Stay tuned for the completion of this fun project!


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