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Listen Up Business Owners: Does Your Business Interior Match Your Brand?

KWS designed this office space for a Holistic Healing Business which is thriving today.

For business owners, an important element of business marketing is the branding and image of your company.  We have branding coaches, read books, view branding webinars and work hard to get that business logo to reflect who we are.  However, whether or not you are a big company or small, whether you entertain clients or not, your office design should match your brand.  Successful branding requires you to look and “feel” the brand.  So take a few minutes to ask yourself what your office says about you:

Great example of a conference room design that inspires those who enter.

1) Do your office colors reflect the theme colors of your business or logo?

2) Is your space organized?  Do you have easy access to things you need the most when you need it?

3) If you have a nice glossy business card, does your office interior reflect it?

4) When you walk into your office space does it overall reflect who you are, your business mission?

5) Is your office space comfortable for your clients and visitors?  Do you get compliments from them about your interior?  Does your interior keep them coming back?


Here is a home office design that we worked with to reflect a financial planner's image.

Having glossy business cards and a high-tech image but out-of-date office furniture and equipment, will make you feel like an imposter and you will have difficulty projecting your brand to customers.  Our interiors are a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, our goals and intentions.  Ask yourself if your work environment is an accurate reflection of you?  If it isn’t, to the degree that you are able, what changes would you make?

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