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Got Decorative Plates? Why Not Display Them?

????????????????????????????????????????Plates are an inexpensive, colorful way to add decoration to a room.  Take your most attractive ones out of the cabinets, and use these ideas to display them in your home.

  • Use plate hangers to arrange an arch of plates above a bed, the mantel, or a doorway.
  • Purchase small easels or specialty plate easels, so you can display decorative plates on any shelf or table.
  • Display plates, bowls, and glasses neatly in a glass-fronted cabinet.  To add extra drama, paint the interior of the cupboard in a contrasting color.  Items will pop and look especially beautiful.
  • Plate easels can also be employed in the glass cabinets so you see the decorative front part of the plates, instead of just the sides.
  • Line your plates up artistically on a counter.
  • Hang solid-colored plates on a patterned wall.  The solid colors will really pop.  But if the plate has an intricate design, make sure you hang it on a solid background.


  • Arrange plates and bowls on open, stacked shelves.  Distribute color and size around the arrangement evenly.
  • Coordinating dishes can be displayed on a specialty plate rack, and hung as artwork.
  • To add a touch of formality, arrange plates on the wall in a symmetrical pattern.
  • Make use of your unmatched dishware.  Place single plates under plants as decorative saucers.  Use an odd teacup or bowl for a flower arrangement.  Use a pretty plate in the bathroom as a soap dish.
  • The right lighting will add drama to any plate display.  Make sure that room lighting is not pointed directly towards a hanging plate, or it may cause a glare.  Turn on the lights in the display cabinet.  If your cabinet doesn’t have lighting, you can install low-voltage lights, or even attach an inexpensive stick-up type.
  • Consider decorative plates for your outdoor space or patio.  Decorative plates can add color and punch to any outdoor space.


It’s a shame to keep beautiful tableware out of sight.  Find unique ways to display your items so you and your guests can enjoy them every day.

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Decorate Your Kitchen With Vintage Advertising

Recently while hanging out with friends in the Philadelphia area, I noticed in their kitchen framed vintage advertising campaigns from the early 1900’s.  I thought about how such a cool idea this is to reuse something old that you can possibly find in an antique store.

My friend mentioned that a friend of the family used to work for an advertising agency and gave them the old ads.  She simply framed them and used them as  a kitchen decor piece.  Cool idea!

Vintage advertisements make decorative conversation pieces in any area of the home.  However, I find them most interesting to decorate in the kitchen.  I have found a few myself that I have decorated in my kitchen showing old minstrel like charachures of African Americans at the turn of the previous century.  While I do not find them offensive, I found them interesting conversation pieces for visitors who come for a dinner party I am hosting.  The accents they provide and the colors are unmistakable.

Consider creating a vintage decor for your kitchen.  This is an interesting environmentally-friendly accessory you can find any vintage or antique shop.

A Healthy Kitchen Begins with the Countertop!

Photo Courtesy of Sunset Magazine

Now in supporting and advocating for healthy living environments- the kitchen is one of the most important!  Why?  Because health begins with food and healthy cooking and eating begins in the kitchen.  So, why not prepare your food on an eco-friendly countertop?

Ok I must admit I am a sucker for environmentally friendly materials.  Lately, I have had clients who are interested in renovating or redesigning their kitchens.  Of course, as a wellness designer, I am going to provide my opinion of using eco-friendly materials for their project.  One of course that is near and dear to my heart is the use of eco-friendly surface materials instead of the old adage of specifying the classic granite.

Now in supporting and advocating for healthy living environments- the kitchen is one of the most important!  Why?  Because health begins with food and healthy cooking and eating begins in the kitchen.  So, why not prepare your food on an eco-friendly countertop?

Photo Courtesy of Ice Stone

To my surprise, many clients are skeptical of recycled surface materials for their kitchen.  This led me to write a short piece on these surfaces including the different types, the benefits, negatives and the costs associated with these materials.

Recycled surface countertops are as unique as the materials that go into them.  They tend to create their own look or copy the look of granite or other surface materials, such as mosaic or soapstone.

Enviroglass Counter top - Courtesy of Enviroglass Products

In some recycled countertops or ec0-friendly surfaces,  you can see the materials that were used to make them such as glass, paper, or other items.  Other materials do not have any hint of recycled material at all!

Vetrazzo Counter tops- Courtesy of Vetrazzo


-LEED requirements may be met with some of these materials.

-Made from repurposed materials- post and pre-used

-Aesthetically pleasing


Possible Concerns:

-Scratching can be an issue on some surfaces

-High heat intolerance on some surfaces

-Products are unique to their properties- consult the manufacturer


-Warm soapy water and a soft clean cloth is all that is required to keep clean.


-Average cost of a recycled surface countertop runs about $50 a square foot.

Countertop made from paperstone Courtesy of Paperstone Products

A few of the materials used in these surfaces may include, glass, money, buttons, cardboard, newspaper, etc.  Using these materials a binder of concrete or resin are combined to create the surface material.  Durability is equivalent to other countertop surfaces on the market.  In addition, you are just as able to customize the look for your kitchen such as curved and or wavy shapes for a kitchen island .  In some cases, you may find that the paper used in the material are Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC).

So the next time you are considering a kitchen remodel, consider a re-purposed surface material for your countertop.  There are so many varieties and styles out there and it would help you create the healthy, aesthetically pleasing, non-toxic environment that you have been looking for!  Bonn Appetite!


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