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Easy & Quick Decorating for the Holidays


While it may be a nice dream to transform the whole house and redecorate for every season or holiday, the truth is that most of us don’t have the time or resources.  But we still want a festive look in our homes.  The good news is that it only takes a few small, well-placed accessories to create a completely new look and evoke the joyous mood of the season.

Before you run out and purchase expensive accessories, look around your home to see what you already have.  Chances are that you have everything you need to create your own unique, personal decorations.

Create “custom” window treatments.  Have fun creating your own personal treatments for the windows at holiday time.  Ideas?  Hang paper snowflakes from invisible wire so they hang at different levels across the window.  Swag garland from the top corners.  Create illuminated valances by hanging a string of icicle lights from the top of each window (there are window-sized sets made specifically for this purpose).

Spruce up the entryway.  A festive entrance will create the perfect first impression.  What can you do to surprise and delight guests as they walk in the front door?  A floor mat in seasonal colors welcomes visitors with holiday cheer.  Fresh flowers always add comfort and brightness.  How about hanging decorative ribbon from the entry chandelier?

Got candles?  Take wide pillar candles and wrap them in ribbon, flexible twigs, or thin garland.  Arrange candles in groups of three to create a lovely holiday display on any table.  When guests are visiting, light the candles and turn down the lights for a warm, holiday atmosphere.

Create a centerpiece.  A simple holiday centerpiece will inspire a cheerful, festive mood.  Grab a large container, and fill it with colorful fruit or flowers.  Use a flat platter to display metallic ornaments.  Or create a “gift centerpiece” for extra excitement and color.  To make this centerpiece, wrap small, empty boxes in holiday paper or in colors to match your room’s décor.  Decorate each box with ribbons and bows.  Then place the “gifts” in a decorative container, or arrange them in the center of the table with fresh pine greenery.

You may be amazed at how easily and quickly you can add holiday cheer to your home!



Giving Your Front Door A Makeover This Season

Giving your door a new makeover….try a wreath for the season

Photos courtesy  of Red Online

So bring your door the gift of happiness by giving it something to smile about !!!

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