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The Chi of the Front Door!

The doorway is the protector of the house, keeping out the wind and rain and strangers.  Doors and windows are the eyes and ears of your home which form both the dividing line and connection with the outside world.  When approaching a house, the size and shapes of the doors and windows will have a strong effect on you.  They should give out a welcoming message to you and your visitors, while protecting you against harmful energies and unwanted spirits.

The transition between the home and the outside should not be abrupt.  We need an in-between space in where we can orientate oursleves and prepare us for the change in energy.  A path, steps, plants, fences and gates allow us time to adjust.  In many cultures one removes one’s shoes before entering the house.  This is both a practical and a spiritual ritual. 

In the East it is traditional for the front door to face the rising sun.  If you are replacing a front foor or creating a new one it is worth considering the importance of the threshold which affords psychological protection.  Here are some things you can do to enhance the welcoming and protection afforded by your front door.

  • Place a welcome mat outside the door.
  • Make a path leading up to the door, planted on either side with aromatic shrubs, trees or flowers.
  • Find a door knocker in the shape of your favorite animal or symbol.
  • Get a brass bell or bell pull so that the sound of the door bell is pleasing and musical.
  • Stained glass panel with a design incorporating the sun rays or other symbol can be a welcoming sight when you come home. 
  • Paint the door in a welcoming color of your choice.

A good front door should be both attractive and functional.  Doors should always fit snuggly and be well maintained.  Unless protected by a deep porch, exterior doors should be painted rather than varnished.

It is known that when selling a house, most properties are sold within the first minute of the potential buyer seeing the property.  This indicates how important first impressions are and in particular the effect of the approach and the front door itself.

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