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The Functional Art and Color of Oriental Rug Selection

Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning - Oriental Rugs

As we continue with National Color Therapy Month, we thought we would share this infographic courtesy of Hadeed Carpets on the different color variations of oriental rugs!  In addition, we are sharing a few tips on how to best select an area rug that will meet the specific needs of your home.

An empty room may be designed around an area rug, or a rug may put the final touches on an existing room. When designing a room around an area rug, use the rug colors to decide upon furniture, paint or paper color. A well-chosen area rug can coordinate patterns, furniture, and wall prints to complete a room design.

Furniture may be selected around rug colors and design. Area rugs are an effective method to mix patterns that have the same color palette. Deep colored area rugs provide warmth and intimacy, while lights colored rugs can open a room and provide a more spacious feeling. When selecting an area rug around existing furniture, bring a swatch of the predominant pattern in the room.

Evaluate the size of the space and the area to cover. Larger area rugs provide comfort and benefit acoustics in a large space. Area rugs also enhance areas in bedrooms, kitchens and other smaller areas that may require a splash of color or warmth.

There are a variety of area rugs made from synthetic and natural yarns.

Machine-made area rugs are less expensive, yet similar in appearance to handmade area rugs.

Circular and other uniquely shaped rugs can present a design alternative to rectangular or square shapes.

Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC is always available to assist you with your decor needs.  Contact us today for a complimentary 20 minute phone or Skype consultation at interiors@kreativeways.com or call 1-888-280-8318.

The Livable Basement

We designed a customized entertainment center, spirits section and a wine cellar for this client’s basement as well.


This basement design we did for a client included custom daybeds, sconce lighting, bamboo flooring, custom cabinetry and grasscloth wallcoverings.

Is your basement feeling unused and unappreciated?  Do you need to breathe life into it?  Make it more livable?  Well, maybe it’s time to redesign and turn that underutilized area beneath your home as a livable, inviting space for everyone to enjoy!

The first step in a basement redesign is to thoroughly inspect your space for water damage, mold and mildew or any structural concerns.  Getting a licensed, bonded and insured contractor to inspect your basement is always a wise choice before you begin any remodeling.

Second, make sure that you develop a plan for your space. Determine your intention for the space.  Will it be a man cave; basement apartment; home theater; library or spa? How about a bowling alley?  Let your imagination run wild and then determine the layout design with the help of professional design specialist. Make the room seem wider and longer with the use of horizontal design elements.  Think about what you want to include such as bathrooms, kitchens and play areas for the children.  Budget is also important.  What do you want to spend for the space and what kind of upgrades are you willing to negotiate?

Because of the obvious location of the basement lighting is one of the most important design elements to consider.  It should be more heavily lit than any other space in the home.  Therefore, if it is possible to do so, recessed lighting is best for these areas.  Also, remember to maximize both natural (outdoor daylight) and artificial lighting as much as possible. Open floor plans and large windows, are ideal design elements that can help increase natural lighting in the basement.

Light color palettes or bright wallpaper designs are also wise choices. Using light paint colors will very effectively brighten the gloomiest basements!

Custom built-ins are great for storage of electronic equipment as well as other items.  If you already have an upholstered chair or sofa in your basement, consider a bright slipcover to change the look and add coordinating pillows that pop!

Flooring choices for the basement may range from carpeting to ceramic tile.  Preferably ceramic tile or vinyl surfaces work best.  These hard flooring surfaces can be enhanced by beautiful colorful area rugs.

Remember plan carefully for your basement design.  Do your homework.  Work out your budget and have fun implementing a livable basement design that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!  Contact us today to redo your basement design at 1-888-280-8318 or e-mail interiors@kreativeways.com


Eco-Friendly Children’s Play Room Basement Redesign

We recently completed a basement redesign for a client who was interested in an eco-friendly children’s playroom.  We worked to create an interesting design complete with bamboo flooring,and eco-friendly wall covering.  Check out the results:

BEFORE: Adults and Children co mingled in a space meant for kids

AFTER: Custom built ins for storage, low VOC Eco-friendly wallcovering, upholstered custom day beds, bamboo flooring and natural woven blinds for window treatments

Before: Toys, empty wall, carpeting and a TV

After: A wall celebrating the family bamboo flooring and organization.

Modernism in the New Living Room!

Thinking of adding a touch of chic and color to a space, well one should start with a nice sectional sofa range.  The Morini Style from Bo Concept offers a wide range of distinctive styles and comfort. With the ability to customize your own sofa to suit your own flair you are on the right track to creating your own contemporary space.

To add some style to that living room tries mix matching the furniture to give it a touch of your own personal flair. Try adding chairs like the Masonicus Chair and Armour Armless Club Chair from InMod .

These chairs paired up with the Mori sofa would give a space a little bit of elegance and edge to a living room.  Now no living room is complete without a coffee table or area rug so you should try some clear accents to compliment the colors and prints you have in the living space, such as the Discovery coffee table. The tempered glass uniquely shaped table will bring some more elegance to a space.

As for the area rug, InMod has a nice Celecot Area Rug. The shaggy white rug will complete the effect trying to be achieved in the space.

The softness and plush feel offered from the rug contributes to the texture and contemporary luxurious look.  Also, if you would like to make all your colorful pieces and prints pop a little more in the space, try a neutral color such as a light grey for the choice of wall color. Not only should you try a neutral color but paint only one wall to create a nice dramatic effect in the space you love.

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