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Six Strategies to Prepare for The End of The World Of Uninspired Home Design

Backyard Corner

Well it is the end of the world as we know it… well sort of.   According to the ancient Mayans, the end of the world is supposed to be December 20-21st.  However, I got news for you… the end of the world as we have known it from a consciousness level is no longer the agenda.

The year 2013  is about making a shift in the collective consciousness around the world.  In order to prepare, we will need more spiritual and energetic tools.  It is now going to be about listening to your intuition and being in touch with your spiritual self.   It is about moving to action instead of waiting for permission to move forward.


This is a time for transformation, spirituality and understanding your place and your role in co-creating the universe.  This is the end of doing it all on your own.  It is about sharing and tapping as many resources as you can.  You will want to match your personal SHIFT with an environmental SHIFT.

To do this you must create an interior that fully supports the way you want to be, and the way you want to live in the world—one where you can really thrive and enjoy every aspect of your life, with spaces that function well, and allow you to tap into your true self and your authentic gifting.  So as you prepare mentally and spiritually for this exciting shift in the universe,  your home or office  interior must be in alignment for the abundance prepared for you in 2013.   To prepare your interior for the SHIFT here are six strategies:

  1. Discover your personal (and even professional) needs and goals.
  2. Create an action plan for setting up your interior environment so that these needs and goals will be supported and fully realized.
  3. Consider spaces that integrate personal hobbies, work, and creativity into your home.
  4. Incorporate design elements that can have an emotional and psychological effect on your well-being and productivity both within the home and outside of it.
  5. Know what your personal development colors are and how to integrate them in your interior.  There is nothing like having the right customized colors in your environment to help you thrive at your highest level.
  6. Find out what your Feng Shui Five Elemental make up is and the characteristics of your Chinese natal element chart is to be able remain balanced.

You know the trend of working from home virtually has changed the mindset of the workplace. The virtual work situation has placed us in environments where we can be stimulated to be more productive.   We now have some control over the spaces in which we work.  We want beauty around us.   Take the opportunity to shape your home office or out of home office bathed in beauty.


Why not place fresh bouquets of  flowers or installing chandeliers in your home office in order stimulate your productivity?

To help you make that SHIFT in your interior for the post-2012 world, consider our Interior Environment Coaching and Feng Shui Design services to transform your old interior design consciousness to one that is in step with 2012 .  Our services are more than equipped to help you end the world of uninspired design to a world of spaces that inspire you.  Call us today to schedule your 30 minute FREE phone consultation at 1-888-280-8318 or email us at interiors@kreativeways.com.




SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2012  10:30 AM- 2:00 PM



Come meet the Author and Principal Sherry Burton Ways at her next Feel Good Spaces Meet the Author Pre-Launch Event at the Imagine Wellness and Yoga Center,  3120 Belair Dr, Bowie, MD 20715 as she discusses the launch of her upcoming book “Feel Good Spaces:  A Guide to Interior Decorating for the Body, Mind and Spirit” on Saturday, May 19, 2012 as part of Imagine Wellness Open House event.  For more information about the book check out our book’s  website!

Join her for pre-book launch giveaways, official book launch information and to participate in a drawing to receive an autographed book hot off the press in September! To RSVP email info@myfeelgoodspaces.com.


Ever want to learn more about Feng Shui?  Want to apply in your home?  How about the basic principles of Interior Design?  Well here is your opportunity to learn the basics of Interior Design and Feng Shui this summer for less than $50.00!

Workshop: Introduction to Feng Shui – Do’s, Don’ts & How To’s 

If the books you are reading are confusing, develop clarity in this class.  Become familiar with the ancient principles of Feng shui, aka “acupuncture for the home.” KWS Principal Sherry Ways will guide you through the history, the Five Cardinal rules, and the various schools of Feng Shui, illustrating the differences and the benefits.
She will teach you the essence of energy, including the qualities of Yin and Yang energies and how they relate to the spaces in your environment.  Take away “quick tips” for conquering clutter.Learn how application of Feng Shui principles can turn your life around.  Sherry will discuss  how the principles can work for you.  Sherry will provide a handout so you can begin to implement Feng Shui immediately to increase prosperity, improve relationships and others areas of your life.

Workshops $30.00 Each
Signature Blue Events
337 Brightseat Road, Suite 220
Landover, MD 20785

Through Signature Blue Events we are offering three workshop sessions on the Introduction to Feng Shui  this summer.  Pick a date and time that works best for you!
Session 1: June 5th,  2012  7-9pm  Register Here
Session 2: July 10th, 2012  7-9pm  Register Here
Session 3:  August 4th, 2012 10 am-12 pm  RegisterHere

Workshop: Interior Design 101

Get started with your home or apartment interior decorating project by learning the basics of interior design. Whether you want to transform a space yourself or hire an interior designer, this class will provide tips for home design! Learn basic interior design principles used by the designers! Get ideas to help in creating your own personalized living space. Find out how to create a floor plan and the basics on selecting furniture and room decorating.

Workshops $30 each
Signature Blue Events
337 Brightseat Road, Suite 220
Landover, MD 20785

Through Signature Blue events we are offering three workshop sessions on Interior Design 101 this summer.  Pick a date and time that works best for you!

Session 1: June 7, 2012  7-9 pm Register Here
Session 2: July 21 2012 , 10 am -12 noon RegisterHere
Session 3: August 2, 2012  7-9 pm Register Here 

Setting Your H.O.M.E. Intention for 2012

One of the most powerful things you can do in the New Year is one of the most important- setting your intention!  We set intentions for our lives by way of affirmations and this time of year, New Year’s Resolutions!  How about setting a resolution for your space?  Set the intention of what you want to create a feel good space for all to enjoy.

One of my facebook friends just posted this lovely photo of an interior and words in which the interior will reflect for an occupant.  I think the words that describes what this occupant would like this space to be is powerful as well as infectious.

Using this photo above as a starting point, take a minute to think about your interior for 2012 and what you would like for it to reflect and be about for you.

List all the things you would like for your interior to say, do and feel for you and your family.  Then start setting about and implementing it.. one week at a time.  Start to declutter and rid yourself of things that no longer bring you joy.  Start thinking about the colors and furnishings in your home.  Is it time to repaint and bring in a different wall color?  Does your favorite chair need reupholstering?  What about finally getting those beautiful window treatments you always wanted?  NOW is the time to begin anew- a clean slate.

Think about what your H.O.M.E. means to you and begin a strategy to create it to reflect your New Year Resolutions in 2012.  Here is a wonderful way to break down this powerful word:

HEALTH.- what do you want your home to say about your goals for good health this year?  Write it down.

ORGANIZATION.-what ways can you better organized in your home in 2012?  Write it down.

MEMORIES.- what lasting memories do you want to create in your home this year?  Write it down.

ENVIRONMENT.-what are some aesthetic changes you would like to make in your interior?  Write it down.

Remember Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC is here to help you create a truly livable, feel good space that will last beyond 2012!  Give us a call today- 1-888-280-8318 or e-mail at interiors@kreativeways.com.

Saturday, October 8th: Get Your Mind Right and Energy Soaring Using Feng Shui Interior Colors

Do you ever wonder why you’re more attracted to certain colors than others?  One reason is that colors vibrate at different electromagnetic frequencies which depending on your situation, can feel energetically harmonious or dissonant.  

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to spruce up your home is to give it a fresh, new coat of paint.  When you do, it is important to select the right colors.  Although what color you paint your home is a personal choice, you might consider a personalized color palette derived from the principles of Feng Shui- the ancient Chinese art of arranging the environment to create a better life.

In this talk, Sherry Burton Ways, Principal of Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC will discuss the colors associated with your home’s life areas.  As she introduces each color, she will explain the effects on the body and mind, and will explain how the energy of that color can support specifica feng shui goals.  You will leave this workshop with a personalized color palette for your home that will uplift you and all the members of your family.  This workshop is only $25.00 and will be held at the Imagine Yoga and Wellness Center in Bowie, Maryland.  

We have only a limited number of participants to who can sign up for this exclusive workshop. 

Date: Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time:  1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Location:  Imagine Yoga and Wellness Center, 3120 Belair Drive, Bowie, Maryland, 20715

Fee:  $25.00 includes all materials

For more information contact us at 1-888-280-8318 or e-mail interiors@kreativeways.com

Seating is EXTREMELY limited: To register please go here.  

About the Instructor Sherry Burton Ways

Sherry Burton Ways has practiced and taught Feng Shui in the Baltimore/Washington area since 2004.  A recognized Feng Shui and Design expert, she has been featured on television programs and in print media throughout the DC metropolitan area.  She received her training through an apprenticeship program with Baltimore based Feng Shui Master, Hope Karan Gerecht, and Feng Shui Master Larry Sang’s American Feng Shui Institute in California.  In addition, Ways has had additional training and certification in Feng Shui Redesign through the School of Graceful Lifestyles in Orlando, Florida and Chi-ology Feng Shui Real Estate Staging through Inner Harmony in Pittsburg, PA. 

Sherry is an active member of the International Feng Shui Guild and sits on their national Green Living and Design Committee.  She has served as a Feng Shui Instructor at Catonsville Community College, Catonsville, MD in their Continuing Studies and Interior Design Program since 2008.

Ways is a Certified Interior Environment Coach through the DeGangi Group in Texas and a founding member of the National Advisory Committee of the Certified Interior Environment Coaching Certification Program.    Through her unique and one of a kind practice, Sherry is the only Certified Interior Envrironment Coaching service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region.  This service involves coaching clients thorugh achieving peronsl and professional goals, and then developing a proper environmental aesthetic most fulfilling to their lifestyle.

Sherry is a Certified Color Therapist through the International Aromatherapy Institute.

Ways is a member of the Wellness Team for the Imagine Yoga and Wellness Center in Bowie, Maryland.

DC Community College Chooses Ways as Instructor for New Feng Shui Course this Fall!

 Washington, DC- With the economy still down and the real estate market still slow, more and more people are staying home and those who might once have considered selling up and moving on to get the home they wanted are turning instead to trying to create the home they want.  A Feng Shui consultation can alert you to simple adjustments that will bring your home into better harmony with your own energy so it supports the homeowner instead of being “at war” with them.  At the same time Feng Shui can eliminate negative energies, it can help stimulate positive energies, creating a dramatic change in the way you experience your home — and life! Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice that uses the laws of heaven and earth to help improve a person’s life by bringing in positive vibes.

Although there are a great many feng shui resources, articles, bogs and even television shows out there to guide people in those efforts it is still very hard to translate them to the space you actually have. To help homeowners create their own positive energy filled home  without hiring a feng shui practitioner, top DC/MD/VA Home and Design Magazine Top 100 regional designer and Feng Shui expert Sherry Burton Ways is offering a seven week course entitled “ Creating A Loving Home with Feng Shui” at the University of the District of Columbia’s Community College starting October 17th.

The District of Columbia’s Community College will offer this seven -session course on Feng Shui in their Continuing Education Division. Classes will meet on Mondays with an evening class beginning on October 17th from 7:00 pm –9:00 p.m. at the DC Community College, 801 N. Capitol Street, NE, Washington, DC in room 116 . Cost for the course is $200.00.  Members of Think First DC or DC Live Green will be charged $180.00.  This is an introductory course, not designed for Feng Shui certification, where students will earn 1.6 CEU’s.

Literally translated as windwater, Feng Shui is fast becoming the mantra of the day. One of the major objectives of Feng Shui is to strike a balance in one’s life, eliminating chaos and leading to calmness of mind. “People nowadays have become conscious about Feng Shui and about bringing positive energy into their lives,” says Sherry Burton Ways, a Feng Shui expert and Principal of the DC Based décor firm, Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC.

To sign up for this course, or for more information, contact Amanda Olivares at 202-274-7183 or aolivares@udc.edu or visit DC Community College Continuing Education Division.

About Sherry Burton Ways

Sherry Burton Ways has practiced and taught feng shui in Washington, DC and Baltimore since 2004.  A recognized feng shui and design expert, she has been featured on television programs and in print media throughout the DC metropolitan area.  She received her training through an apprenticeship program with Baltimore based Feng Shui Master, Hope Karan Gerecht, and Larry Sang’s American Feng Shui Institute in California.  In addition, she has had additional training in Feng Shui and Redesign through the School of Graceful Lifestyles in Orlando, Florida and Chi-ology Feng Shui Real Estate Staging through Inner Harmony in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Sherry also is a member of the International Feng Shui Guild and sits on their national Green Living and Design Committee.  

Ways is also a Certified Interior Environment Coach through the DeGangi Group in Texas.  She is also a founding member of the National Advisory Committee of the Certified Interior Environment Coaching Certification Program.  Through her unique and one of a kind practice Sherry is the only Certified Interior Environmental Coaching service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region. This service involves coaching clients through achieving personal and professional goals, and then developing a proper environmental aesthetic most fulfilling to their lifestyle. This particular style of coaching occurs prior to seeking a design professional or performing a space-lift. 

She is currently working on her first book, Empowering Yourself Through the Creation of Feel Good Spaces:  A Wholistic Guide to Making Your Home Work for You due in 2012.   

One of the Five Cardinal Rules: Creating Sacred Space

Recently I was assisting one of my best repeat clients redecorate her home.  We had worked together several years ago where as I had given her a comprehensive color scheme based on the principles of color therapy.  The results were outstanding.  After several years, the colors I had chosen for her home still held up and were just as vibrant and powerful as when I had specified them.  She called me over to ask for my assistance with redecorating several rooms of her home.  I was so excited to see her again and had thought of her often over the last three years since I last worked with her.

As we toured her home and discussed the project, we came upon a spare room that she used as her meditation space.   She stated almost without thought that we could simply move it out and use the space as her home office.  Upon hearing this I almost screeched!  I told her flatly that a sacred space in the home is one of the 5 Cardinal rules of Feng Shui and that we should keep the space as a meditation space.  She then looked astonished and asked what we could do to make the space more functional for her.

First, I explained the concept of meditation and how it is important to the mind, body and soul.  Relaxation should not only apply to the body, for it is our mind which finds little relaxation from the pressures of our daily lives.  Whether you have a particular spiritual belief or not, it has been proven that we can all benefit from spending ten minutes a day in contemplation.

A meditation space needs to be a quiet and tranquil part of the home.  If you do not have a room which you could convert to a relaxation area, your bedroom probably has the right mood for meditation. A garden and nature has very healing and relaxing vibrations, so in warm weather, a veranda, balcony or terrace is an ideal place to practice meditation.

Make sure you have adequate seating for meditation purposes only such as circular floor cushions or stools dedicated to the practice in your space.

The room should be airy and light even if it is small because although your eyes are closed when you pray or meditate you still need to draw in prana (life-force energy) from the air.  Dark colors are conducive to meditation as they have been known to influence your unconscious mind.

If you need some meditative colors to bring in for inspiration, use a purple or lavender lampshade, window blind or violet colored light bulb.  Aroma can also help raise your consciousness, thus aiding meditation.  Use of oils such as lavender (my favorite), frankincense, myrrh, or sandalwood haven been proven to be powerful enhancers to the meditation experience.

The best shape of rooms to meditate are those which are octagonal, hexagonal or circular.  Unless you are doing structural alterations in your home, it is difficult to create these shaped room, so you could consider introducing these shapes into the meditation room through objects, artwork and furniture.

Certain shapes will also aid to the peace and harmony in the room and your ability to connect to spiritual forces.  A round bay window or dormer which has a view of a garden or nature will support a peaceful meditation room.  If the room is on the top floor of your home, you can create an atrium or install a skylight or small glass dome.  This will bring in light and allow you to view the sky during the day and the stars at night.

In any case, we plan to create a meditation space personal to my client using various shapes, furniture and accessory selections.  I am pleased that she will keep that important sacred space in her home.

New Feng Shui Class: Creating A Loving Feng Shui Home

Hello, I am announcing a new class that will begin this fall at the NEW DC Community College in Washington, DC  See details below:
See details below:

Feng Shui Creating A Loving home with Feng Shui

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui?   Are you confused by the number of books and lectures on the subject? Is your home a welcoming and peaceful place that supports your health and well-being? Do the stresses of the day begin to fall away every time you walk through your front door?

During this course and unique introduction to Feng Shui, we will help you see your home with new eyes. As you begin to understand what first attracted you to it, you’ll rekindle your love affair with it!

Earn 1.6 CEUs

Instructor: Sherry Burton Ways

Sherry studied Feng Shui under Dr. Nancy C. Canestaro with in an exclusive Apprenticeship Program with Author and noted Feng Shui Practitioner, Hope Karan Gerecht.  She received a Certificate in Advanced Studies of Feng Shui from Feng Shui Master Larry Sang’s American Feng Shui Institute. Ways holds a Certification in Chi-ology Home Staging for Feng Shui Professionals through Feng Shui Practitioner and Educator LuAnn Cibik, a Denise Linn Protege.  A member of the International Feng Shui Guild’s Green Living and Design Committee, Sherry helps to coordinate  education activities related to the promotion of green design and feng shui Green Design.

We are trying to assess the level of interest of people interested in registering for this course.

The class is set to run on Monday evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  There will be 7 sessions of the class. The cost is $200.00

Please express your interest so we can run the course.  We ask that you contact the CE office for additional questions:

Email Neil Richardson at the Community College at drichardson@udc.edu  or Call 202-274-7183


Continuing Education of CCDC
801 N. Capitol St. NE Ste. 122
Washington, DC 20002



Considering Feng Shui for Builders and Architects

I am currently working on a large commercial design project which I truly love to do.  In the design process, I am always reminded of how important it is to consider wholistic design concepts, such as Feng Shui, as an important component to the outcome of the design and the response of the occupants in it.

Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”), literally translated, means “wind and water.” It is a four thousand plus year old Chinese natural science which theorizes that the environment is considered an integral element in the art of living. There has been an increased interest in feng shui in the business world since the early 1990s. Real estate developer Donald Trump is among those who have used it to position their companies for success.

Chi (pronounced “kee”) is the life force energy that is influenced by all things and is a pertinent factor in all life forms. The purpose of the practice of feng shui is to maintain and increase the circulation of chi in our environment to allow us to be healthy on all levels through our energy system.

When our chi energy is blocked, we experience all kinds of negative factors in our homes, including sickness, loss of income, stress, depression and  overall discontentment with life.  Chi needs to be in balance in our lives and environments.

In addition, the concepts of Yin and Yang as well as the Five Elements must be considered.  Yin and Yang states that all opposites must live and co-exist within each other. Balance is achieved when two truly opposite concepts exist. The Five Elements provide those things in our lives that help us achieve Yin and Yang- water, wood, fire, earth and metal. 

Architects, designers and builders are educated to pursue  designs with originality and novelty.  However, Feng Shui focuses on enhancing the lives of the individuals who will occupy the space being designed.  Feng Shui is all about helping individuals or dwellers to achieve the highest possible quality of life in whatever design style is chosen. 

Here are some basics for Builders and architects to consider to integrate the Feng Shui elements:

1)    In the programming stage, it is best to ask the client(s) what the primary purpose of each space of the building or home will be.

2)    For site selection and analysis first determine the energy of the surrounding area, the direction of the flow of energy to and from the property, the orientation of the building, shape of the lot, topography and shape and height of the building to be developed.  For developers this will largely determine the occupancy rates and willingness of buyers to purchase down the road.

3)    In construction document preparation and when exterior and interior materials and finish decisions are made, consider the affects of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements (Earth Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire) and the impact the appropriate energy level of the clients who will use the building.

For property developers, architects and builders, not only can Feng Shui be a valuable selling point it can also help to improve your customer’s satisfaction with your product. By working with your architects or drafts people at the design stage, we can develop a Feng Shui friendly design to improve the energy flow of the proposed property and thus improve the property’s popularity with buyers.

The Energy of Furniture: Wanted and Unwanted

Furniture in a house tells the story of the humans who live there.  Few things are as satisfying as seeing yourself reflected in your personal possessions.  We become attached to objects for the associations and memories they hold for us.  So long-possessed and cherished furniture exudes a warmth which comes from the beauty and the affection felt for it.  Try to incorporate your scheme around a loved piece of furniture or use it as your central source of inspiration.

Family heirlooms often hold the key to many generations of owners.  The energy held in this furniture can influence the well-being of the present owners.  Furniture can remind you of people, special times in our lives and other places.  This means that by association we are constantly and very subtly reminded of these connections every day.  If the furniture is linked to a happy time, place or person it will radiate positive energy to you.  If, however, the furniture was an unwanted gift or you do not like it, it will continue to reinforce these feelings of discomfort, anger, or resentment.

One of the five cardinal rules of Feng Shui is to discard anything in your home that does not bring you joy.

Make sure that you get rid of any unwanted furniture, especially if the shape and color does not appeal to you.  Having an object in your home that you dislike lowers the energy field of your entire home.  If you cannot get rid of an disliked piece of furniture disguise it in some way.  This will not get rid of the vibrations but will deflect them elsewhere.  You could get a  sofa or chair reupholstered, or hide it behind mounds of lovely pillows.  Put a large colorful tablecloth which you like over an unloved table, or hide the picture you hate behind a large lamp or a bouquet of flowers.

Hopefully this tip will comfort you as you rid yourself of things you do not love in your home or cherish those you do.

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