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Feng Shui Furniture Finds

Designer Eric Guiomar developed this bookshelf out of cardboard. Photo courtesy of freshome.com


I am so inspired by furniture forms and how they respond to chi (good energy force in Feng Shui).  I call these Feng Shui furniture forms.  Many clients and the general public ask me about furniture forms that respond to chi.  These are a few examples I have found that inspire me and should you.  Consider the integration of these forms in your home.

Yin and Yang Ped Bed by UK9

Make the bathroom full of good chi with round vanities, mirrors and wall design

Every room in your home can benefit from the roundness of furniture forms and architectural details.  From bathrooms to living rooms, bedrooms to dining rooms.   Remember to balance the both Yin and Yang to create balance in all life forms that enter your space.

Designer Eric Guiomar created this Yin/Yang Bookshelf

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