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Highlights of The Critique Boutique Dressing Room Redesign Unveiling!



On May 15th Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC hosted a Redesign Unveiling at the Critique Boutique at the National Harbor, Maryland.  Over 50 guests came to witness the unveiling of a newly redesigned dressing room for the store.  In addition, artwork by Sharon J. Burton and jazz by Melvin Rogers also highlighted the event.  Wonderful food, jazz, art and design was enjoyed by all.

Special thanks to Toni Foster, Sharon Burton, Melvin Rogers and Akosua Badu for making this event memorable.

Planning Your Baby Blues…Or Greens!

Or possibly your baby greens. As parents-to-be, you have enough to worry about when it comes to planning your baby’s entry into the world. So the nursery shouldn’t be one of them. Unless you plan to have your baby sleep with you, your nursery should be an environment that will promote well-being, comfort, and security for your newborn. When decorating your nursery, you would need to consider colors as well as eco-friendly materials and furniture.

The first order of business would be choosing colors for the room. Green is an ideal color for a nursery, for it creates a soothing environment of nurturance. Green is the center of the color spectrum and it is associated with healing and relaxation.

Since blue is known for its calming effects, it is also a color of choice. You may also consider an indoor fountain for the nursery. Blue, being the color of water, is represented by the constant flow of energy and it will settle restless energy. It will promote relaxation and improve sleeping patterns.

The next consideration is materials, such as paint, flooring, and furnishings. When choosing paint, avoid those that contain VOC. The paint should be made out of organic materials, such as soy, buttermilk, or beeswax.

 You may want to skip the wall-to-wall carpeting. Carpet tends to trap mold, dust, and other allergens. Consider hardwood floors made of bamboo wood.

 The crib mattress should be made out of organic cotton. It doesn’t contain the pesticides that regular cotton has.

We designed this baby's nursery with soothing and stimulating colors.

The baby’s furniture should be made from rattan, wicker, or solid wood. Furniture made from materials such as plywood contains formaldehyde. Another option would be to purchase used furniture since it is most likely to have released all the toxins embedded in its wood.

Now that you have gotten all the preliminary stuff out of the way, you can enjoy one of the most joyous times of your life: the birth of your newborn. The best gift you can give your new baby is the gift of a better, cleaner environment, beginning with his/her first room….

Organic Bedding For A Healthier You!

We spend nearly one third of your lives asleep, and the quality of this rest period will directly affect our energy levels during the day.  Pillows and bedding are like mini-mattresses that your face and skin presses up against for hours on end every night.

Pillows and bedding should be made from natural fibers which allow our skin to breathe, and will not give off toxic fumes during the night.  Choose natural colored sheets which have not been treated with bleach, as the residue and odor often aggravates allergic reactions.

Anna Sova also carries this 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca Bedding. Photo Courtesy of Anna Sova

Check out ECO silk by Anna Sova.  Photo Courtesy of Anna Sova

The materials that your bedding is made of is very important to consider.  Watch out for polyester and polyester-blend percales.  These types of sheets and blankets are actually just soft thermoplastic, which is made from petrochemicals.  The least comfortable and most harmful bed linens you can buy are polyester 2 no-iron2 sheets.  Not only are these made from petro-chemicals but they are treated with formaldehyde resin finishes.  Cotton/polyester blends, wrinkle resistant sheets are also treated with formaldehyde.

Pottery Barn's Organic Sateen Duvet Cover and Sham is very elegant. Photo Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Giam's Organic Cotton Shaker Square Patchwork Quilt is great to punch color in contemporary interiors. Photo Courtesy of Giam.

We often forget that the colors of our bedding are an integral part of your color scheme.  The colors of the sheets and covers can have a physical and psychological effect on you.  Insomniacs will benefit from soothing and calming blues and greens, while those who live alone may take comfort in warm pinks and peaches.

Create that healthy bedroom using organic bedding and increase your health and your sleep!

Check out the rich color selections in Giam's Organic Cotton Premium Sateen bedding. Photo Courtesy of Giam

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