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Healthy Non Toxic Furniture: Elka Home’s Mission is to be the best

The Kristina Sectional Sofa- Photo Courtesy of Elka Home

The Box Sectional - Photo Courtesy of Elka Home

The Milano Sofa- Photo Courtesy of Elka Home

Reclaimed Rectory Table- Photo Courtesy of Elka Home

Reclaimed Table Bench- Photo Courtesy of Elka Home

Because I am into healthy interiors, I am always searching for the best products available for my clients.  In doing some research recently I came upon a furniture company that makes upholstery and other eco-friendly furniture that can actually contribute to LEED points.

Thus, Elka Home to my surprise has some fantastic looking furniture that is non toxic, healthy and aesthetically pleasing.  The founder and lead designer of Elka Home, Emily Kroll, has successfully designed, manufactured, and distributed custom furniture since 1992.   She launched EKLA HOME in 2007 after realizing that she wanted to  change “the way the furniture business works in the United States where production is notoriously wasteful, and many toxic chemicals are used.”

Elka Home is passionate about designing and manufacturing the highest quality non-toxic upholstered furniture in the industry.  In addition, it is the company’s mission to “share knowledge about toxins, sustainability and healthy living. It is also our self-imposed responsibility to share the fruits of our labor with our employees, business partners, customers and community.”

I think this is a fantastic line and cannot wait to provide an opportunity to specify in the healthy interiors that I create.


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