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Fall Fashion Forward Your Home With Color!

How do you describe the décor of your home? It is stylish and chic? Does it have a more traditional feel to it? Does your home reflect the same taste you have in clothing? Your home’s décor can often mimic your own personal style in fashion.

According to the nation’s top fashion designers, the fall fashion colors are sensible and spirited. They are contrasting warm colors with cool metals, mixing old influences with the new, and creating balance between the colors. So Pantone declares this season’s hottest fall colors for fashion are as follows:

  • Bamboo, which is reminiscent of the warmth of a yellowish-green hue of an autumn sunset.
  • Emberglow or Sienna emulates the glow of a fire from the fireplace on a cool November night.
  • Honeysuckle is a reddish pink shade that carries over from the spring. It’s playful and can be paired with any of the other colors, especially Bamboo.
  • Phlox is a deep, mysterious purple that tends to get a lot of attention alone, but adds drama to Deep Teal, Coffee Liqueur, and especially Bamboo.
  • Cedar is a versatile neutral shade with a green undertone. It w   compliments Phlox, Deep Teal, and Orchid Hush.
  • Deep Teal is a very dark bluish green that is compared to deep ocean waters and the sky when night falls. It is a very exotic color that meshes well with Cedar and Honeysuckle.

  • Coffee Liqueur is an elegant color that adds neutrality to any tone.
  • Nougat is a warm camel tan that enhances Emberglow, Phlox, and Honeysuckle greatly.

  • Orchid Hush is a very light lavender with a grayish undertone which can be matched with any other color on the palette.
  • And last but not least, Quarry is a medium gray staple that can be the highlight to any décor.

Although these colors were declared the must have for fashion, it doesn’t mean that your home’s fashion sense need to fall back with daylight savings time. When matched together, these color trends can give your home a flair, sophistication, and boldness that can only be found in your closet. You can put together an “ensemble” that will give any room the feel of being on the runway.


Color of 2011: Honeysuckle

Okay so Pantone the preeminent color guru announced the color for 2011! Honeysuckle! So what does that mean for interiors? I would suggest using that color in a small half bath to give it a sassy, bright, look. Another great use would be on accent pillows in a bedroom, sofa or a throw. A nice lamp base with that color would be great as well. A cute area rug in a study or personal space is wonderful as well.

Caption: Photo Courtesy of Pantone

Photo Courtesy of Pantone

The Honeysuckle Flower ; inspiration for the 2011 Pantone color.
Photo Courtesy of Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC

Decorate your holiday table with the 2011 Color of the Year!
Photo Courtesy of Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC

Honeysuckle is a great color for a girl’s room.
Photo Courtesy of Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC

Also for a big girl’s room.
Photo Courtesy of Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC

Upholstering dining room chairs as an accent is also a great way to bring in the Pantone Color of the year!
Photo Courtesy of Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC

Whatever way you choose to embrace Pantone’s Honeysuckle it will create a great punch of color to any room. Happy Decorating!

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