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Building Your Outdoor Space For all Seasons


Building an outdoor space is one of the easiest ways to create a space where you can enjoy the changing seasons and moods of the day.  Decide how you want to use your outdoor space.  Is it a space where you want to sit and read quietly?  Do you want to create a place for children to play or an entertainment area for family and friends?

Considering the location is important too!  You don’t want to create a space where it is exposed to extreme elements or a place where there is little access or exposure to the sun.  The secret is to locate your space where you and your friends naturally gather.  Even if you use your outdoor space during the warm weather months, a natural feature such as pond, lake, or other ornamental features such as few beautiful pottery placed carefully can provide an inspiring feature during the cold wintry days.


The size of your space is very important and should be in scale with the size of your home.  Integration is the key, and an outdoor space next to the home should extend the rhythm and feeling of the inside of your home.

How can you create or mimic the interior of your home outside?  Try using the similar plant containers that you are currently using on the inside of your home.  Another idea is to use consistent colors of your flooring used in your house with an outdoor flooring material.

Use evergreens to screen unpleasant views and provide privacy.  I think attractive walls and trellises are also great decorative enhancers as well.   Also the water element using a pond or fountain is always a welcome attraction.

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Sophistication, Grace and Hefty? Indoor-Outdoor Living and Entertaining

For the homeowner with a patio, deck or other outside social area, decorating can be both a challenge and an exciting opportunity. You might be wondering how to turn your plain porch into a paradise and enhance your outdoor living.

1. Fine Living – Imagine this: You’re throwing a tea party outside on your lovely patio and just as your guests sit down in your comfortable porch chairs, you serve them their first course on… paper plates. The paper plates kind of ruin it, huh? When decorating for outdoor living you’ll want to make it as comfortable and inviting outdoors as you would indoors. Bring out the china, the candles, placemats, napkins, crystal and fresh flowers. It’s the ultimate in luxury and entertaining. When your guests are used to eating from paper plates, you serve them on fine china. What a treat! It’s easy to experience sophistication and grace when entertaining outdoors, but it’s hard to do on Hefty™ brand paper plates.

Photo Courtesy of Lonny Magazine

2. Be a Softy – Just as you would when decorating indoors, remember to balance your hard and soft elements in your outdoor decorating. If your outdoor environment is a concrete slab with hard metal furniture, bring in soft goods like seat cushions, chair pads, pillows, place mats, and even simple drapery panels. Look to soften your outdoor ‘room’ to make it more comfortable and inviting.

3. Select the Right Fabric – Outdoor living that withstands the elements is easy to achieve when selecting the right fabrics. There’s a big difference between indoor and outdoor fabrics. Whereas cotton is a durable, natural fabric, it can fade and mildew. Outdoor fabrics on the other hand have been reinvented! They don’t fade, are easy to clean, soft to the touch, repel mold and they hold up beautifully to the elements. Great for seat cushions, table covers, runners, place mats, napkins, drapes, pillows and even overhead canopies. Many of my clients like to even use them indoors!

4. Accessories – Finding attractive accessories that can withstand the elements can be a challenge. But don’t think you have to restrict your shopping to your local ‘garden center’. Scour salvage yards, antique shops, consignment stores and garage sales for fun, unique pieces to use outdoors. Look for opportunities to use common elements in unusual ways. Just remember that by leaving them outside more than likely they’ll deteriorate faster. Just keep that in mind when considering how much to pay for the pieces.

Photo of an outdoor space accessorized by Kreative Ways & Solutions

Great outdoor decorating gives you another room to decorate and enjoy once the weather warms up. It provides an opportunity to tap into your creativity and expand on your home’s presence beyond your typical 4 walls. Outdoor decorating is not hard to do when you remember to embrace the elements of the outdoors, not run from them. And don’t forget to break out the fine china! You and your guests will be glad you did!

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Got Decorative Plates? Why Not Display Them?

????????????????????????????????????????Plates are an inexpensive, colorful way to add decoration to a room.  Take your most attractive ones out of the cabinets, and use these ideas to display them in your home.

  • Use plate hangers to arrange an arch of plates above a bed, the mantel, or a doorway.
  • Purchase small easels or specialty plate easels, so you can display decorative plates on any shelf or table.
  • Display plates, bowls, and glasses neatly in a glass-fronted cabinet.  To add extra drama, paint the interior of the cupboard in a contrasting color.  Items will pop and look especially beautiful.
  • Plate easels can also be employed in the glass cabinets so you see the decorative front part of the plates, instead of just the sides.
  • Line your plates up artistically on a counter.
  • Hang solid-colored plates on a patterned wall.  The solid colors will really pop.  But if the plate has an intricate design, make sure you hang it on a solid background.


  • Arrange plates and bowls on open, stacked shelves.  Distribute color and size around the arrangement evenly.
  • Coordinating dishes can be displayed on a specialty plate rack, and hung as artwork.
  • To add a touch of formality, arrange plates on the wall in a symmetrical pattern.
  • Make use of your unmatched dishware.  Place single plates under plants as decorative saucers.  Use an odd teacup or bowl for a flower arrangement.  Use a pretty plate in the bathroom as a soap dish.
  • The right lighting will add drama to any plate display.  Make sure that room lighting is not pointed directly towards a hanging plate, or it may cause a glare.  Turn on the lights in the display cabinet.  If your cabinet doesn’t have lighting, you can install low-voltage lights, or even attach an inexpensive stick-up type.
  • Consider decorative plates for your outdoor space or patio.  Decorative plates can add color and punch to any outdoor space.


It’s a shame to keep beautiful tableware out of sight.  Find unique ways to display your items so you and your guests can enjoy them every day.

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Outdoor Spaces I Love!

I simply love Pinterest!  It is the best thing that has come along in social media in a long time.  From this I can instantly get ideas on various creations and inspirations from a variety of sources.  This time of year we are all interested in the beauty that comes from the wonderful weather and creating healthy spaces that help us enjoy the sun more.  These are just a few of my inspirations from Pinterest Page for great outdoor design.

Source: thatbohemiangirl.tumblr.com

Boho by Tami Smith

Farmhouse on mallorca by the style file on Flickr

Lonny Magazine May 2012, Photography by Pat Cline

Outdoor Spaces A Key to Your Wellness

Spring is here in full swing and now we are clearly focused on  experiencing our outdoor spaces!  Did you know that our outdoor spaces significantly constribute to our wellness? 

Well-equipped and comfortable outdoor living environments support personal well-being as a lifestyle choice. Outdoor living not only offers a connection with nature, gardens and fresh air, but also the design amenities and the comfort of indoor rooms.

Outdoor living environments contribute to your wellness, often defined as physical fitness, exercise, diet and nutrition. However, wellness is so much more. It comprises six dimensions that include the physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational and emotional aspects. Outdoor living may contribute to each of these, providing a sanctuary from the pressures of life, relaxation, privacy, space for entertaining and family activities, nature and outdoor experiences, and exposure to birds and wildlife.

Where do you begin to design your outdoor space?
The best place to start is to develop a master plan for your outdoor space. Also, get your team together, the landscaper, the designer and others who will create your dream space. Determine your budget and lastly determine how you will use your space.

What are the Important Design Elements for Outdoor Living?
When you are creating your outdoor living environment, it is important to keep some of these design elements in mind:

  • Incorporating Nature
  • Natural Textures, Materials, Patterns and Colors
  • Acoustics/Sound
  • Lighting
  • Comfort/conversation
  • Contemplative Spaces
  • Entertaining Amenities
  • Art Display
  • Accessibility by All

While putting together these design elements, a balance of color and scale is always best in creating your outdoor space.  Besides personal wellness, you may also benefit financially from increasing living square footage in outdoor rooms. Designing outdoor environments have been increasingly linked to a great return on investment.  For example, a deck addition to your home can recover up to 104.2% of your initial investment.

Remember your outdoor space should allow for personal reflection and mental release. Feed your spiritual and emotional wellness with a well-designed outdoor space.

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