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Sustainability: A Design Trend for 2014

Sustainability in itself is a trend for 2014.  With a lot of focus on green design and living an Eco-conscious lifetyle, interior designers like me are moving towards using recycled and sustainable materials at every step of the design process.  By contributing towards an eco-friendly environment, you will be able to live peacefully without the worry of leaving a carbon footprint on the environment that your home remodling will generate.

Here are five great eco-friendly trends to look forward to in 2014:

1.  Bamboo cabinets-


Bamboo is technically classified as grass and hardly requires water which makes it easy to grow.  It is durable, resistant to insects and sustainable because it grows quickly.  Bamboo is being widely used for flooring, backsplashes, and even fabric.  The light color of bamboo cabinets in the kitchen will create a sense of airiness and openness.  It lends a minimalistic feel which is chic and suave.

2.  Recycled glass tiles-

Glass tiles

The great thing about glass is that is recyclable, not once but can be reused many times over.  The use of recycled glass helps in limiting the waste that goes into landfills.  From translucent to creatively textured, glass tiles are like jewelry for your home.  Due it its reflective surface, glass tiles can help add a luxurious look to your bathroom or kitchen.

3.  Organic cork flooring-


Cork is gaining popularity as a material choice for flooring because of its natural and eco-friendly origins.  Natural bark is produced from the barks of cork trees.  The trees regenerate their back and therefore it is a renewable resource.  Consider cork flooring because it feels great to walk on, is naturally warm and is a great shock absorber.  It is especially good for homes with children because it does not collect dust and has a natural substance saves the cork from rot, mildew and pests.

4.  Paper composite counter top-

An interesting development in the area of Green living and eco-friendly designs are recycled counter tops.  Made with a combination of waste paper and non-petroleum based resins, these are much sturdier than you can imagine.  Durable and easy to maintain, paper composite counter tops are lighter than stone making them easier to install.  These are available in medium to dark colors in a matte finish that will give your kitchen a stylish character.

5.  Reclaimed wood furniture and accessories-


There is a growing appreciation for reclaimed wood that is slowly finding home in modern design.  The imperfections and rich patina that forms on the wood as it ages is a testament of its fine character.  Reclaimed wood radiates a feeling of warmth and is being used to create dining tables, beds, benches and even wall decor.  Reclaimed wood from deconstructed buildings is being mixed with a variety of modern elements to add texture and layers to the interiors.  It works well with metal and adds chic industrial look.  You can also place an antique cabinet to bring in the time honored feel of reclaimed wood.

If you need some ideas or looking for ways to incorporate eco-friendly design into your home for 201, contact us today at interiors@kreativeways.com.

Eco-Friendly Children’s Play Room Basement Redesign

We recently completed a basement redesign for a client who was interested in an eco-friendly children’s playroom.  We worked to create an interesting design complete with bamboo flooring,and eco-friendly wall covering.  Check out the results:

BEFORE: Adults and Children co mingled in a space meant for kids

AFTER: Custom built ins for storage, low VOC Eco-friendly wallcovering, upholstered custom day beds, bamboo flooring and natural woven blinds for window treatments

Before: Toys, empty wall, carpeting and a TV

After: A wall celebrating the family bamboo flooring and organization.

Modernism in the New Living Room!

Thinking of adding a touch of chic and color to a space, well one should start with a nice sectional sofa range.  The Morini Style from Bo Concept offers a wide range of distinctive styles and comfort. With the ability to customize your own sofa to suit your own flair you are on the right track to creating your own contemporary space.

To add some style to that living room tries mix matching the furniture to give it a touch of your own personal flair. Try adding chairs like the Masonicus Chair and Armour Armless Club Chair from InMod .

These chairs paired up with the Mori sofa would give a space a little bit of elegance and edge to a living room.  Now no living room is complete without a coffee table or area rug so you should try some clear accents to compliment the colors and prints you have in the living space, such as the Discovery coffee table. The tempered glass uniquely shaped table will bring some more elegance to a space.

As for the area rug, InMod has a nice Celecot Area Rug. The shaggy white rug will complete the effect trying to be achieved in the space.

The softness and plush feel offered from the rug contributes to the texture and contemporary luxurious look.  Also, if you would like to make all your colorful pieces and prints pop a little more in the space, try a neutral color such as a light grey for the choice of wall color. Not only should you try a neutral color but paint only one wall to create a nice dramatic effect in the space you love.

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