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Top 10 Ways To Use Trims on A Budget

Undoubtedly, the use of exquisite trims, borders, bandings and fabrics not surprisingly, scream luxury and sophistication. They set your home apart from the standard, the norm, the everyday, the run-of-the-mill. So, when you want something special, something that you just can’t find anywhere else, something not found off-the-shelf, or ready-made, or what your neighbor or sister in law put up, you need trim! Designer rooms incorporate and pay very strict attention to detail. They play up those seemingly insignificant details to add visual interest, beauty, and harmony. When you buy ready-made, you may be paying less money upfront, you’re also getting a lower quality product, a dummied down version – be it pillows, drapery panels, slipcovers, table skirts, bedding, etc.
However, in the real world of budgets, rising gas prices, home repairs, braces, school supplies, and more, custom made products using luxury fabrics and trims can sometimes cost more than the budget will allow. So what to do? Give up on the lovely fabrics and trims? No sirree! Go ahead and plan your budget for the high quality custom items, then read below the 10 ways you can get that ‘custom look’ through the use of trims in your home.
1. Pillows Whether your pillow is a small rectangular accent pillow or a larger bed sham, it’s easy to add a flat braid to the face of your ready-made pillow with the use of fabric glue.
2. Trim Lush Terry Towels Add ribbon or braid to your towels for a custom look without much work. Make sure to pre-shrink the towels AND the trim before attaching the trim to the towels.
3. Table Runner or Tablecloth Flat pieces are always easy projects. Even if you don’t sew, use an iron-on fusible webbing or fabric glue to attach ribbon, gimp or braided trim. Be sure to test your preferred technique on a scrap of fabric to make sure you get the look you desire ahead of time.
4. Valance or Cornice Many moons ago valances were typically gathered onto a curtain rod using lots of gathers (and lots of fabric). But Valances and cornices have come a long way and are much simpler now. A beautiful decorative trim at the top of the valance or on the hem is a perfect way to add detail and show off your trim. See our promotion below on how you can get FREE trim on any Valance you order.
5. Drapery Border The leading edge of your drapery is the edge closest to the center of your window. Dress this up with a row of trim. You can sew it onto drapery panels. A great look, for less.
6. Border or Hem Whether you decide on a contrasting hem for a bed skirt, drapery panel, or a tablecloth, borders are a great way to use the beautiful trims around your room.
7. Set a Pretty Table Add braid, bandings, cord or tassels to accessories such as tablecloths and table runners or pretty fabric placemats and napkins.
8. Chair Cushion Using decorative cording or a contrasting welt is a fabulous way to customize your chair cushions.
9. Flat Panel Café Curtain Forget the fussy gathers and measured pinch pleats. Next time you need to cover the bottom half of a window (for privacy or just for color), consider designing a flat panel curtain. It will not only be easier to sew, you’ll get the full benefit of any pattern, since it won’t get “lost” in the gathers.
10. Trim up a Lamp Shade Give a boring lamp a fresh, up-to-date look with trims coordinated with your decor. The best styles are ones that have some element of dangle for this project. It’s hard to get flat trims such as gimp, ribbon, cording or bias tape to lay down straight enough.
The dangly kind is much more forgiving. If you’d like help adding trim throughout your home, contact Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC at http://www.kreativeways.com for more ideas and to view her selection of beautiful decorative trims.

Should All My Furniture Match One Design Style?


Today’s interior styles reflect an eclectic mix of influences. Not only can you switch up your style from room to room, but within a room as well. Whether you prefer a casual or a more formal approach to furnishing your home, the contrast of different styles enlivens the space. A well-designed space does not have matching pieces, and in order to create a visual interest in a room, it is better to complement rather than match. Matching is very restricted.

Spaces can become more personal through time as furniture pieces are collected from family members, friends, or antique shopping.

All these different styles collected can become representative of you and your style.  While on the other hand, buying a set can seem less personal and instead, less boring!

I  believe it’s more stimulating to use different styles as opposed to one style when it comes time to decorate.  When you use pieces that you have collected over the years and integrate new items as well, you are able to create a more personal living space.

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