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Each December, Miami becomes even hotter as over 70,000 design aficionados from around the globe descend upon the city to attend Design Miami and its sister show Art Basel. The two events attract a qualified audience of the world’s most influential collectors, gallerists and critics who come together to celebrate the best of design, architecture, culture, commerce and contemporary art. The two fairs guarantee that almost everyone interested in high-end design will certainly have their eyes on Miami in December.

A veritable “who’s who” of style aficionados attend Art Basel Miami and Design Miami, the world’s preeminent art and design fairs. They are the affluent style influencers who represent your brand’s best prospects and will deliver your brand’s message to others around the world who, like themselves, seek the well-lived life.

I had the great opportunity while at the Design Miami festivities  to attend the Elle Decor Modern Concept House in Miami, Florida.  I was in awe of the fabulous design concepts surrounding the modern aesthetic.   I was truly thrilled with the overall design as it is one of the first Designer Homes that I have visited that was totally my personal design style.  How thrilling was that?  In addition, the concept house had several rooms that embodied the concept of Feel Good Spaces.

Here are the highlights:


Photo15 Photo1a Photo2 Photo3 Photo4 Photo5 Photo6 Photo7 Photo8 Photo9 Photo10 Photo11 Photo12 Photo13 Photo14

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