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It is very rare that I visit a store that reflects my taste and approach to interior decor.  I just found one place that does just that – The Jogolo House.

The Joglo House is a family-owned goods and furniture store located at 5735- A Telegraph Rd., Alexandria, Va. 22303, few minutes away of Washington DC. The store provides  unique, high-quality, solid-wood furniture at affordable prices.

Although the store is small it carries an eclectic collection of beautiful exotic wood pieces from Bali and Java Indonesia.  They also carry hand-crafted products which include: home goods (art, textiles, and handmade carvings) as well as furniture (unique solid-wood tables, cabinets, and consoles) and seasonal outdoor furniture.

Everything is selected and bought, on-the-spot, by the owner, Mrs. Betty Jones (Huwae).  Betty is an Indonesian artist and has showcased her art as well as other Indonesian artists for over 30 years.  I met her via Linked IN and was invited by her to browse her wonderful store!

Because of the fact that I love to design with an Asian flair because of my Feng Shui training, I was deeply intrigued with the decor selections and very excited about the possibilities for my clients!  They have only been open for four months!



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