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Need to spruce up your bathroom?  These quick and easy ideas will turn a “blah” bath into a guest-ready space in no time.       


  1. Get a bold shower curtain
    A colorful shower curtain will add a big splash to a neutral bathroom.  Add a few accessories that coordinate with the pattern in the curtain, and the room will feel instantly transformed.
  2. Display the towels
    Instead of simply hanging towels on the traditional wall rack, display yours in unique ways.  Roll a few towels and place them on an open shelf or in a basket.  Stack folded towels on a decorative chair.  Present them on a silver platter.  Your towels will become part of the artwork in the room.
  3. Replace the mirror
    You don’t need to stick with the flat “builder’s” mirror.  Choose a decorative mirror with a frame suitable to your bathroom’s style.  There are so many shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, so don’t limit yourself.
  4. Update the hardware
    A bathroom can take on an entirely new look when you simply change your cabinet knobs.  You can go bold and colorful to make a statement, or choose elegant shapes and finishes to coordinate with the existing fixtures in the room.
  5. Bring in flowers
    A vase of fresh flowers is the perfect bathroom accessory.  Cut fresh blooms from the garden, or purchase a nice bouquet when guests are coming over.  This will not only add a splash of color and a lovely scent, but will evoke a cheerful mood.



Although these ideas are simple, they make a big impact.  So take a little time to update your bathroom.  You’ll love your guests’ reactions.

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