A Design Blog of Feng Shui Designer Sherry Burton Ways

The Power of Personal Space: Exercising One of the Five Cardinal Rules of Feng Shui

Wednesday, November 30th at 7 PM EST


Sherry Ways


• This talk will empower participants with the understanding of the basic elements of sacred space

• How to create one using associated Feng Shui principles

• The importance of it for mind, body and spirit.

To register click here.

Sherry Burton Ways is a Certified Feng Shui Redesigner, Certified Interior Environment Coach, Interior Color Therapist and Wholistic Interior Designer who designs soul satisfying spaces. Sherry Ways creates Interior Attunement™ through the use of Personalized Feng Shui, Color Therapy and Holistic Interior Design for both residential and commercial environments. She is an educator and Intentional Interior Designer. Her programs and design solutions are focused on creating well being by supporting the intent of the occupants through Intentional Design and Green Design awareness. Her results focus on relieving stress in residential and commercial environments. She is the Principal Designer of Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC a Washington, DC based interior décor firm. It is her goal to create customized living spaces that overcome decorating challenges and evokes a feeling of well-being.

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