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With the growth in communications technology, a growing number of people are working from home.  In most situations a spare room or out-building is ideal as it can be converted to suit personal needs and the type of work carried out but most people working from home, will agree, that a space outside the home is better than working from an inside room.

An outside office space allow you the ritual of being able to “go to work” and helps you keep your home and work life separate.  Holistically, an outside workspace also keeps noisy phones, photocopying and other machines, radios of EMFs away from the home.  It also provide a private space for receiving clients that does not infringe on the privacy of the family and gives a more professional image for a home based business.


So consider that carriage house over the detached garage in the back of your home.  Turn a space under your deck in your backyard used for storage into a livable office space.  Better yet allocate funding to actually build a self contained, sustainable office space for your business in your backyard!

Before you consider a project like this, be sure to check your local zoning ordinances, homeowner association rules, historic neighborhood rules and regulations.  If you find that this is a great idea and it passes muster with local ordinances, permits, rules and regulations, consider KWS as your designer of choice to help you design that home office outside your home of your dreams!





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