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Spring is here in full swing and now we are clearly focused on  experiencing our outdoor spaces!  Did you know that our outdoor spaces significantly constribute to our wellness? 

Well-equipped and comfortable outdoor living environments support personal well-being as a lifestyle choice. Outdoor living not only offers a connection with nature, gardens and fresh air, but also the design amenities and the comfort of indoor rooms.

Outdoor living environments contribute to your wellness, often defined as physical fitness, exercise, diet and nutrition. However, wellness is so much more. It comprises six dimensions that include the physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational and emotional aspects. Outdoor living may contribute to each of these, providing a sanctuary from the pressures of life, relaxation, privacy, space for entertaining and family activities, nature and outdoor experiences, and exposure to birds and wildlife.

Where do you begin to design your outdoor space?
The best place to start is to develop a master plan for your outdoor space. Also, get your team together, the landscaper, the designer and others who will create your dream space. Determine your budget and lastly determine how you will use your space.

What are the Important Design Elements for Outdoor Living?
When you are creating your outdoor living environment, it is important to keep some of these design elements in mind:

  • Incorporating Nature
  • Natural Textures, Materials, Patterns and Colors
  • Acoustics/Sound
  • Lighting
  • Comfort/conversation
  • Contemplative Spaces
  • Entertaining Amenities
  • Art Display
  • Accessibility by All

While putting together these design elements, a balance of color and scale is always best in creating your outdoor space.  Besides personal wellness, you may also benefit financially from increasing living square footage in outdoor rooms. Designing outdoor environments have been increasingly linked to a great return on investment.  For example, a deck addition to your home can recover up to 104.2% of your initial investment.

Remember your outdoor space should allow for personal reflection and mental release. Feed your spiritual and emotional wellness with a well-designed outdoor space.

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