A Design Blog of Feng Shui Designer Sherry Burton Ways

It is 2011 if you have not figured that out already.  You are in the mist of creating a new life for yourself as well as new goals.   One thing to remember is that your living environment should reflect these goals and reinforce them.  Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement is a great tool to set the intention for your space,  keep it organized and full of great energy throughout the new year.

Feng Shui has two parts:  the visible and the invisible.  The visible refers to everything you can see and touch (walls, doors, furniture, etc.).  The invisible refers to the life force energy (chi) and the influences of energies that previously occupied your space or land.  In Feng Shui, everything involves an intention and an action.  Action is the physical side of the process.  When working with Feng Shui, an action is the tangible (visible) activity of, say, moving the bed to another location or painting a room a different color.

Intention (invisible chi) is the reason why you move the bed and the life change you hope to accomplish by making that adjustment.  If you move the bed to improve your marriage, visualize the improvement while you are changing the placement of the bed.  Tying the intention in with a physical action will make the change more effective and help you proactively fill the space with healing light and love.

Since the Month of January is National Organization Month, another example of intention in Feng Shui is cleaning-something people do more often than rearranging furniture.   When you clean, whether it is a quick run of the broom, wipe of the counter tops, or purge of the closets and complete reorganization of belongings, clean with the intention of fresh and renewed energy into the space, making it a point for a positive, productive future.  By aligning your intentions with your actions, you are being clear about what you intend to do and committing to it.

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