A Design Blog of Feng Shui Designer Sherry Burton Ways

Change is good, whether it’s a new hairstyle, new environment or something simple like new face soap.  However, modification is always refreshing in living spaces.  If tired of your dwellings old façade how about giving it an interior facelift.  Taking a decorative eclectic approach to a dwelling space using stripe decoration it’s chic and forthright.  Stripes, being the most known and used decorative approach to an interior, will help bring character and life into a particular space. Let’s attempt to add some black and white strips to a room. Based on ones comfort and preference, variation can go from one pillow in a room to an entire wall treatment.

An eclectic interior has no fear of color and embraces the entire spectrum with zest.  Make a bold statement.   Colors and patterns mixed and mingle alternatively are very eye-catching. The Lushlee’s image combines a teal wall with brown furniture, black and white stripes, and an interesting decorative chair. While black and white striped walls in Jordan’s Guide Design injects the bold, flirtatious, sexy and fun statement into a space.



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