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Feng Shui is the ancient 5,000 year Chinese method of creating an environment that has a favorable circulation of energy in order to promote health, harmony and growth.  The Chinese characters for Feng Shui literally translate as “wind” and “water.”  Wind and water are two visible aspects of nature that flow, circulation and energetic force.  They are visible symbols of “chi” – the intangible life force that the Chinese have long believed to circulate through-out the body and the earth itself. The proper distribution of chi is essential to the health and growth of all things.

Feng Shui is not a religion or spiritual path. A primary concept of Feng Shui is that there is a constant mutual interaction between a person’s chi and the chi of his or her immediate environment- each is constantly affecting and shaping the other.  When we live and work within a site of healthy chi, our own life force is enhanced and preserved.

We can use Feng Shui in decorating our homes and offices to place objects, furniture and other items to achieve peacefulness and harmony.  Living and working spaces and their decor affect how we inhabit them.  With Feng Shui we can enhance positive and harmonic energies in our homes.

If you want to learn and be able to integrate Feng Shui into your décor and design, the first thing to do is learn about feng shui in general and its main concepts.  By learning this, you will find yourself naturally acquiring information on how to decorate different spaces according to feng shui.

According to feng shui design, the way and the position in which we place our furniture, the colors we choose, the different objects and places we choose for them, must be done to ensure harmony.  Actually, in China people used to look for a feng shui expert to guide them in occasions such as when they buy a new home.

Here are some basic Feng Shui design rules you can begin to use at home now:

  1. Have nothing broken
  2. No clutter
  3. Zen surfaces (at least 50%)
  4. Surround yourself with only things you love
  5. Create a sacred area in the home

For more information contact me at interiors@kreativeways.com!

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